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Coming out  Summer 2019 , stay tuned!

Coming out Summer 2019, stay tuned!


Through Darkness

Thysía. The new capital of the western world.

Decades after the Day of Darkness caused an end to all technology, society has fallen into a dangerous pit of greed and corruption. Survival of the fittest weeded out the weak, and those with money use it to buy control over the strong.

Aziza grew up with this way of life, but her past has made her fearless and the abounding malfeasance makes her will that much stronger. As leader of the largest gang in the capital, she is fighting for unity in the underground and building an army that she believes will one day have the power take her city out of the hands of the nobles and back into those of the people.

Unfortunately for her, solidarity amongst thugs and criminals is not achieved without conflict. Injured from a fight and in need of help, she stumbles into Ilya, a mysterious traveler who is trained in medicine. Carrying his own dark secrets, Ilya needs protection and with the ongoing feud in the underground, Aziza sees a need for more medical aid. The pair realize they could be very useful to each other and strike up a bargain. Their seemingly simple arrangement will not only change the course of their lives, but possibly that of the world.

Coming out  Winter 2019

Coming out Winter 2019

One Door Closes

An unconventional retelling of Sun Tzu's The Art of War, 'One Door Closes' is about a young woman named Sophie who is trapped in a cursed mansion within the first hour of arriving on the property. Inside, she discovers that if she wants her freedom back, she must not only compete in but win The Game. Floor after floor, she musters all of her strength and instinct to defeat each challenge and claim the missing teeth she needs to form a skeleton key for the mansion. In a place where insanity and isolation threaten to pull apart the fabric of her reality, she finds herself thriving unexpectedly.

She ends up in the company of two unlikely comrades: a floating bioluminescent jellyfish and Sam, an ex-contestant who joins her in an attempt to make up for losing his own chance at victory years before. Together they dig deeper into the mysteries of the estate and its curse, trying to defeat The Game and free the souls trapped within. To do this she must become a survivalist, a spy, a fighter, and a gambler, all without losing sight of her own humanity.

For Sophie, when one door closes she must bet her life that another opens.